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KPM Berlin Porcelain Boasts Royal Lineage

Just as the secret formula for making porcelain eluded Western ceramics manufacturers for centuries, understanding its many facets can be confounding for today’s novice collectors. Take, for example, KPM porcelain. KPM factory marks yield few clues as to the actual origin or age of a piece because “KPM” was not an actual company name. The […]

A Showcase of American Sterling Silver

Guests are coming for dinner? It’s time to break out the sterling. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing this weekend in our auction of great American silver. Set the impressive scene with these silver pieces and sets from the past two centuries. This diverse collection features world-renowned American silversmiths. Heading the collection is a mid-19th […]

6 Rare Coins You Won’t Find In the Sofa Cushions

“We’re in the money!… We’ve got a lot of what it takes to get along!”  The lyrics of The Gold Diggers’ Song from the Warner Bros. film Gold Diggers of 1933 are appropriate in describing this week’s auction of 250 vintage rare coins. Collector-quality gold and silver – U.S. and foreign – will be rolling out to […]

6 Russian Icons Bursting With Color

As we conclude Easter Week, or Bright Week as it is called in Eastern Orthodox Church, imagery of Christ, the Apostles, the Virgin Mary and all the saints are brought to our mind. In celebrating and honoring these religious depictions, this week’s Russian Icons auction presents a vivid collection of icons. A highlight of this collection […]

The Enduring Value of Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat calls itself the world’s most renowned crystal manufacturer, and after two and a half centuries in operation, few would argue that claim. The company’s chandeliers have illuminated the grandest palaces, halls and restaurants around the world. Its crystal stemware has graced the tables of monarchs, presidents and popes. Its bottles have held the most […]

Travel Old World Europe via Antique Maps

If you have a longing to visit Europe but dislike air travel, join us this week for our collection of antique maps of the Old World. Explore both land and sea from the comfort of your armchair with this array of maps of Europe and England. First stop is England, which is represented by an […]

A Brief History of Coin Collecting

It is said that during the Great Depression, following the devastating Wall Street crash of 1929, the only investments of interest to skittish speculators were fine art, rare cars, and old coins. That rule of thumb seemed to have prevailed during every subsequent period of financial market instability since the 1930s, since the three categories […]

Ukiyo-e Prints Highlighting Celebrities of the Past

More than 100 Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo (1603-1868) and Meji (1868-1912) periods are offered in this week’s curated prints sale. Ukiyo-e is a genre of prints that depict common scenes of kabuki actors, samurai warriors and female bathers. Featured artists include some of the most prominent artists such as Katsushika Hokusai and […]

The Basics of Collecting Tribal Art

Tribal art appeals to many people, often for different reasons. Perhaps it is a historic or ancestral interest that fuels one’s fascination. Or perhaps it’s just the aesthetic appeal of tribal artworks that inspires a new collector to enter the field. With interest in tribal art continuing to grow, and interesting pieces coming to auction […]

6 Nostalgic Folk Art Works to Take You Back in Time

Every Americana auction is filled with unique treasures and original finds ranging from tramp art to vintage frames to collectible decoys. This week’s curated collection highlights stellar pieces of folk art and outsider art as well as more traditional Americana. See below for 6 of the most special pieces. A matched pair of folk art portraits of […]