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Jasper52 devotes online auction to Murano glass March 14

All the colors of magnificent Venice in the form of Murano glass artworks are presented in a Jasper52 online auction on Wednesday, March 14. Elegant vases, centerpieces, sculptures and jewelry are among the unique treasures in this sale. View the auction. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Weegee: Gritty photos of urban life

Heralded and criticized for revealing the darker side of society through the lens of cameras, pioneering photojournalist Weegee captured the reality of a world he knew only too well. Born in 1899 in what was Lemberg, Austria, Usher Fellig, who would later adopt the professional name “Weegee,” emigrated from his homeland to the United States […]

Choice antiquities surface in Jasper52 online auction March 6

Relics from past millennia are being offered in a Jasper52 online auction of antiquities on Tuesday, March 6. The auction presents bidders with a great opportunity to acquire authentic artifacts ranging from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. View the auction. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Japanese woodblock print sale March 6 offers 1st editions

Jasper52, a leading purveyor of antique and collectible Japanese woodblock prints, will present another outstanding collection in an online auction on Tuesday, March 6. Subjects range from geographic landmarks such as Mount Fuji to beautiful geisha. Many of the lots in this Marquee Japanese Woodblock Prints Auction are original first impressions. View the auction. Learn […]

Newcomb Pottery embodies Southern nature

Sometimes from the depths of despair come forth strength, beauty and inspiration. Such is the story of Newcomb Pottery, the American art pottery cultivated within and representative of New Orleans. The Newcomb Pottery Enterprise was a vocational training program within the art education curriculum of Newcomb College. The program came out of the vision set […]

Bold Viking jewelry in Feb. 28 auction ready to wear

Viking warriors roamed northern Europe from the eighth to late 11th centuries. While gaining much notoriety as raiders, they were also farmers, traders and explorers, and the craftsmanship seen in their jewelry demonstrates considerable artistic skill. Jasper52 will present an online auction of nearly 100 lots of authentic Viking and medieval jewelry – all professionally […]

Always appropriate pearl jewelry offered in Jasper52 sale Feb. 27

Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are, indeed always appropriate” — though she didn’t mean just for celebrities, queens and first ladies. Every woman deserves to wear pearls. Everyone will have the opportunity to buy acquire them at a Jasper52 online auction devoted to the queen of gems on Tuesday, Feb. 27. View the auction. Learn […]

Tramp Art: Carving scrap wood into folk art

Tramp art is a lot of things but one thing it is not is a style of art produced largely by tramps, hobos and vagabonds. Despite what its name seems to imply, sometimes a memorable moniker is not necessarily an accurate indicator of origin. “The name is a misnomer – more of a romantic notion […]

Distant lands within reach at Jasper52 map auction Feb. 21

Maps often provide more than a representation of an area on paper. The antique maps in a Jasper52 online auction Feb. 21 show landmarks, discoveries, shipping routes and political divisions – glimpses of the time when the cartographers sent their work to press. View the auction. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.