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Ancient Jewelry Pieces for the History Buffs

This week’s fine ancient jewelry auction offers a wide range of artifacts, from Bronze Age pins and bracelets to post-Medieval religious pendants. The curated sale also includes a large collection of Viking-era jewelry such as rings, mythological pendants and warriors’ amulets. History buffs and jewelry fanatics will love these spectacular pieces. Heading the list of […]

The Origin of Money: From Cowrie Shells to Bitcoin

Before there were organized monetary systems, there was barter and trade. Some sources report evidence of compensation exchange in cultures dating back as far as 10,000 years ago. People with the ability to fish would connect with those who cultivated and harvested crops to exchange commodities. While this form of trade was useful for many […]

Beauty Abounds in Japanese Woodblock Prints

The beauty of Japan and its culture is abundant in this curated collection of both vintage and modern Japanese woodblock prints. More than 200 prints, many of which are first editions, will be auctioned in this sale. Take a peek at some of the highlights from this auction. One of the featured lots in the […]

Famous Photographers And Their Provocative Images

Some of the most significant names in 20th-century photography – from Diane Arbus to Edward Weston – are represented in this collection of unmounted gravures. While Diane Arbus was famous for her provocative images of marginalized people such as dwarfs, giants, transgender people, nudists, circus performers, her image titled A Young Brooklyn Family going for a […]

Andy Warhol: Godfather of Pop Art

Artist, sculptor, filmmaker, magazine publisher, photographer, dance club owner, author, graphic designer. For a person to excel in any one of these endeavors during a lifetime would be quite enough for most people, but in his relatively short 58 years of life, Andy Warhol excelled at all of them. In so doing, he left an […]

An Americana Auction Filled With Color

Handcrafted tramp art, cast metal figures, and original artwork are highlights of this week’s curated Americana auction. An early 19th-century school girl painting of a young couple in a bucolic setting. It was once a pastime for well-to-do young courting couples to venture into the countryside under the pretext of tending sheep, which this scene […]

Decorative Arts Highlighting the Lap of Luxury

The brilliance of Murano and Steuben art glass contrasts with fine bronze and spelter figures in this week’s curated decorative arts auction. Take a look at six stand out pieces in this collection. The auction opens with Steuben glass that includes a rare 10-inch Art Deco vase of blue Aurene over yellow jade glass, shape […]

Birthstones: What Does Yours Mean?

When shopping for a birthday gift, it’s hard to go wrong when you choose jewelry that includes a birthstone. For centuries, various gemstones were associated with months of the year. Then, in 1912, a standardized list was developed by the American Association of Jewelers. It is the most widely accepted guide to months and their […]

5 First Editions and Scarce Posters That You Will Love

This weekend we’re conducting a trio of auctions featuring books and ephemera. Major attractions of the curated collections include signed first edition books and rare advertising posters. Let’s take a look at 5 standout items from these sales. Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel Lonesome Dove is among the stars of the Literature and Editions […]

A Treasure Chest of Viking Jewelry

It would not be too surprising if when perusing through this curated catalog of Viking and Medieval jewelry you think you’re raiding a treasure chest from the 9th century. The collection is truly an adventure for the ages, so let’s dig in to our favorite picks. Rings and pendants once worn by Viking warriors are […]