Aug. 14 auction zeroes in on hot market for Viking jewelry

NEW YORK – The Vikings were known for their wanderlust and fearless adventures both at sea and on dry land, but when they weren’t looting and pillaging, they developed other skills that took them at the top of their game. Most notable was their talent for metalwork. Their ability to craft deadly swords, knives, spears and other weapons of war was balanced by the more genteel pursuit of designing and creating fine jewelry of silver and gold. Their handiwork has withstood the test of time and is admired by collectors worldwide.

Jasper52 has curated an outstanding 84-piece selection of Viking, ancient and medieval jewelry for an August 14 online auction through LiveAuctioneers. The array of striking designs dates back to the 8th to 15th centuries and includes rings, sorcerers’ amulets, symbolic pendants, bracelets and earrings.

Fine Viking warrior’s ring 9th-10th century AD, size 9¾. Estimate $700-$900

View the auction here.

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