Below we outline the process of selling on Jasper52, from initial submission to shipping and payment.

If you have questions about the status of your inventory or about new submissions, please email

If you have questions about shipping or payouts, please email

Inventory Submission:

  • You will submit new inventory on your Google spreadsheet and include all necessary cataloging information, as well as reserves (where necessary), shipping prices, and photos. Remember to email whenever you’re ready for us to process your submission.
  • You will upload images to your Dropbox folder. Please make sure image names correspond to items via a reference number. For example, if your reference number is “1ZR2”, the first image for that lot should be named “1ZR2.1” or “1ZR2_1”, the second image should be “1ZR2.2” or “1ZR2_2”. If you don’t use reference numbers, you can simply number your submissions starting at 1.
  • Any reserve prices should be at the fair market value for that item.
  • Please make sure to present your property as accurately and clearly as possible. A good question to ask when reviewing your item is “Would I buy this item online, sight unseen?” If the answer isn’t “Absolutely!”, add whatever you would need to say so!
  • Our submission deadline for each week’s sale is the Monday of the previous week.

Item Vetting:

  • After you submit your items they will be reviewed by our experts for authenticity, pricing, and sale curation.
  • You may be contacted with requests to reduce reserves or to supply additional information.
  • If our experts determine property is not a good fit for our sale you will be notified. Our experts may decline property for a number of different reasons, including authenticity questions, concerns about item quality, and fit for the Jasper52 brand.

During the Sale:

  • Our support team will answer all bidder questions about your items. In the event the bidder asks a question not easily answerable with the information you provided, you may be contacted by our support team with questions from bidders. Please respond to questions as soon as possible.
  • Our marketing team will promote your items in a series of emails to the Jasper52 and LiveAuctioneers email lists, as well as via Google Adwords, Facebook, and a host of other online venues.

Before and After a Sale:

  • You’ll be notified when your property is slated for inclusion in an upcoming sale. The evening the sale goes live you will receive an email with a link to the sale.
  • That email will contain an invitation to create a Jasper52 Seller Dashboard account. You can track items in current and past sales and view key metrics about those items in your Dashboard account. Note that the Dashboard will not contain information about items submitted unless they are included in a current or past sale.
  • After each auction you participate in ends you will receive an email with a link to your dashboard to view your performance, and a link to your shipping dashboard where you can track items that have been paid for and are ready to ship.
  • If items were purchased from international buyers, you’ll receive another email with a request for international shipping quotes. Please respond as soon as possible.
  • Please ship items 1-2 business days after the buyer pays. To read more about the payment and shipping process, download our Post-Sale Guide.

Beyond Your First Sale!:

  • Stay up to date with what’s selling well by visiting the Seller Tips page, and using the category specific links to view recent results for each of our auctions.
  • We’ll follow up with you based on the submission cadence you set during your onboarding call. If that schedule needs to change, please speak with Account Management.
  • Keep an eye out for our bi-weekly Seller Newsletter!