Historical & Antiquarian Book Auction on September 25 Highlights Value and Variety

With few reserves and low starting bids across the board, Jasper52’s upcoming sale of Historical & Antiquarian Books offers value and variety to eagle-eyed collectors and dealers alike.

First Editition "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak, Harper & Row Publishers, 1963. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

First Edition “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak, Harper & Row Publishers, 1963. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

Beloved children’s book author and illustrator Maurice Sendak starts things off with a first edition of his 1963 classic, Where the Wild Things Are. The scarce first issue dust jacket is present, with only moderate wear (featured above). Sendak is also represented later in the sale with a first edition of Randell Jarrell’s The Bat-Poet featuring Sendak’s illustrations (est. $20-40), and again with a signed early printing of The Juniper Tree and Other Tales from Grimm (est. $50-150).

Several literary lots are on offer, including: a first edition of Henry James’s early story collection Embarrassments, featuring the first book appearance of “The Figure In the Carpet.” This copy bears the bookplate of Arthur Desjardins, radiology professor for the Mayo Foundation and an authority on Hodgkins disease (lot 16, est. $50-150). A handsome two-volume limited edition of the poems of Keats is also up (est. $20-40), as are signed limited editions by contemporary novelists E.L. Doctorow (est. $30-90) and Alison Lurie (below; lot 19, est. $50-150).

"The Truth About Lorin Jones" by Allison Lurie, 1988, Signed limited first edition. Estimate: $50-$150

“The Truth About Lorin Jones” by Allison Lurie, 1988, Signed limited first edition. Estimate: $50-$150

A range of vernacular and instructional books keeps things interesting. Lot 32 is a copy of The Singer’s Companion. Published in 1860, it showcases music and lyrics for dozens of popular songs, as well as a charming frontispiece illustration, and is in lovely condition in its original publisher’s cloth binding (est. $80-120). A copy of The Good Shepherd Home Cook Book, published in Allentown, PA, in 1911, to raise funds for “crippled orphans, infant orphans, destitute children, old people, and aged or disabled ministers,” appears in its original staple-bound paper wrappers, and features many photos and line drawings (est. $40-70).

Those seeking something more glamorous will be drawn to a first edition of renowned fashion photographer Irving Penn’s beautiful 1980 monograph on Flowers (est. $100-200); as well as to an inscribed copy of A Table at Le Cirque: Stories and Recipes from New York’s Most Legendary Restaurant (est. $20-40).

"Flowers" by Irving Penn, First Edition. Estimate: $100-$200; "A Table at Le Cirque" by Sirio Maccioni and Pamela Fiori, signed Cookbook. Estimate $20-$20

“Flowers” by Irving Penn, First Edition. Estimate: $100-$200; “A Table at Le Cirque” by Sirio Maccioni and Pamela Fiori, signed Cookbook. Estimate $20-$40

An excellent presentation/association copy of Robert Capa’s dramatic book of photos of the Spanish Civil War is also on the block: it bears a gift inscription from Capa’s brother Cornell, a major force in photography in his own right, and a founder of the International Center of Photography (lot 41, est. $50-150).

"Fotografías de Robert Capa sobre la Guerra Civil española," by Carlos Serrano. Estimate: $50-$100

“Fotografías de Robert Capa sobre la Guerra Civil española,” by Carlos Serrano. Estimate: $50-$100

Finally, a number of compelling historical imprints and documents is offered, including: an unusual American war-related pamphlet, this one entitled “Why Me?” pertaining to the Vietnam War (est. $50-80); a Colonial extract regarding the punishment of “rogues and vagabonds” (est $50-100); and a large, beautifully accomplished English manuscript land indenture on vellum, and affixed with numerous wax seals (est. $100-200).

erik_cutout_blue-copyErik DuRon has nearly 20 years of experience buying and selling rare books in all fields, first at Bauman Rare Books in New York City, and then independently. He has built collections for diverse clients, and collaborates with and consults for collectors, booksellers and auction houses. He lives in Brooklyn and can be reached at erikduron@msn.com.

Porcelain Figurines Auction Featuring Doulton, Hummel & More

The drinking vessel called the toby jug dates to the 18th century when potteries in England produced them for export to the American Colonies. They are named for the character Toby Philpots in the song The Little Brown Jug. Production of these jugs, which typically depict a man holding a jug of beer and a glass, has continued to this day. A few of these delightful jugs, along with other Royal Doulton products, will be sold in an upcoming Jasper52 auction of ceramic collectibles on Sunday, Sept. 18. Highlights from this auction are featured below:


Royal Doulton Toby mug, ‘Happy John’. Estimate: $60-$70. Burlington ‘Made in England’ toby mug. Estimate: $30-$40. Jasper52 images

Not all toby jugs are by Royal Doulton. Some were produced by other British potteries such as Burlington, which is well-known for Cottage Ware – ceramic teapots molded in the shape of English cottages (featured above).

Also listed in the auction are more than a dozen Hummel figurines (below), which were created through the artistry of Berta Hummel, a Franciscan nun called Sister M. Innocentia, by Goebel Art Inc. in Germany beginning in the mid-1930s.


Hummel figurine, ‘Girl Washing Clothes,’ 6 inches tall, 1957. Estimate: $80-$100. Jasper52 image

Hummel figurine, ‘Girl Washing Clothes,’ 1957. Estimate: $80-$100. Jasper52 image

Also featured in the auction are Royal Doulton miniature character jugs, tiny versions of the company’s full-size character jugs. Two of the mini jugs in the auction depict Shakespeare’s Falstaff and Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab (below).


Doulton & Co., Falstaff mini Royal Doulton mug. Estimate: $60-$80.; Royal Doulton, Captain Ahab mini Toby Mug. Estimate: $40-$60. Jasper52 images

Don’t miss out on this auction. View the curated porcelain figurine catalog right here.

Aug. 28 Antiquarian & Historical Books Auction by Jasper52 boasts eclectic selection

Jasper52’s August 28th online-only rare books auction boasts an eclectic selection of fascinating books, autographs, and documents, from the 16th to the 20th centuries. Among the many subject areas to entice collectors at all levels are: American history, nautical history, World War II, literature, popular science, transportation, animal husbandry, art, and early printed books and autographs from England and the Continent.

James Fenimore Cooper’s two-volume History of the Navy of the United States of America (1839) kicks off the sale (featured below). Cooper is best known today for The Deerslayer and The Last of the Mohicans, novels of rugged individualism on the early American frontier, but in his time he was also a noted historian. Inspired by his own experiences as a sailor and midshipman, he wrote the first full-scale history of the U.S. Navy, from the Colonial period through the War of 1812. This first edition in the publisher’s original cloth binding has an estimate of $300-$400. Lots 5 (The War-Ships and Navies of the World) and 6 (Steel’s Elements of Mastmaking, Sailmaking and Rigging) will also be of interest to nautical enthusiasts.

History of the Navy of the United States of America (1839)

History of the Navy of the United States of America (1839), James Fenimore Cooper. Est. $300-$400.

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African Tribal Art Highlighted in Jasper52 Auction on Aug. 21

Art carved wood Teke mask from Congo, est. $200-$300. Jasper52 image

Art carved wood Teke mask from the Congo, est. $200-$300. Jasper52 image

Nearly 40 hand-carved wooden African tribal masks are featured in an Aug. 21 no reserve, online-only auction delivered by Jasper52.

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Sterling silver adds formal touch at Jasper52 auction Aug. 21

Sterling silver has historically been a popular vehicle for creativity and innovation in design, and the treasures in this Jasper52 auction are exquisite examples of this. Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Grand Baroque are just a few of the ornate motifs offered in the auction, which takes place Aug. 21.

Colorful ‘Washington’ leads rare books auction Aug. 14

‘Washington’ by Lucy Foster Madison, illustrated by Francis E. Schoonover, first edition, 1925. Estimate: 150-$200. Jasper52 image

‘Washington’ by Lucy Foster Madison, illustrated by Francis E. Schoonover, first edition, 1925. Estimate: $150-$200. Jasper52 image

A first-edition of Washington by American novelist Lucy Foster Madison leads a collection of rare books in an online-only Jasper52 auction to be held Sunday, Aug. 14. The offering will range from the earliest printed material to modern children’s classics.

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