July 8 auction offers Americana, folk art & outsider Art

The realms of Americana, Folk Art, and Outsider Art covers a startlingly wide range of objects and artifacts. Source materials range from silver, ceramics, cloth, glass, brass, iron, cardboard, wood, tin, paper, and stone. Items that can qualify include board games, trade signs, wind-up toys, fireplace tools, paintings, prints, drawings, carvings, pitchers, plates, paperweights, carnival targets, alphabet blocks, coverlets, candlesticks, vases, plates, flags, trophies, tankards, canes, and frames, to name just a scant few.

On July 8, starting at 6 pm Eastern time, Jasper52 will stage a sale of Americana, Folk Art, and Outsider Art – 554 lots covering every material and object named above, and more. As always, the sale is curated by Clifford Wallach, an expert in tramp art, folk art, and Americana.

Appliqued quilt created between 1860 and 1870, estimated at $2,000-$2,500

View the auction here.

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