Old World Christianity Depicted in Icons

Arising from the European Orthodox Church are icons that carry a rich history and intricate religious symbolism. The handcrafted images depict Gospel scenes and remain faithful to the stories of Virgin Mary and Christ. This week’s collection features more than 100 beautiful antique Russian icons. Here are a few standouts:

One of the earliest works in the collection is a 17th century icon of Christ Immanuel from northern Russia. The tempera painting on wooden board measures 13 by 10.4 inches.

Christ Immanuel icon, 17th century, northern Russia, tempera on wooden board. Estimate: $4,000-$5,000. Jasper52 image


Also from northern Russia is a large church icon of Moses, a rare subject. This full view of the prophet holding the Ten Commandments is over 29 inches by 14 inches.

Rare church icon of Moses, northern Russia, 17th century, tempera on wooden board. Estimate: $6,000-$8,000. Jasper52 image


Embossing and engraving enhances a brilliant 19th century icon titled The Old Trinity. The tempera on board icon measures over 20 inches by 17 inches.

‘The Old Trinity’ large Russian icon, 19th century, tempera on wooden board. Estimate: $4,000-$5,000. Jasper52 image


A 19th century Kovcheg-style icon from central Russia depicts the Resurrection of Christ. Done in egg tempera and gesso on wood, the icon is reinforced with two splints on the back.

Icon of the Resurrection, Kovcheg, central Russia, 19th century, egg tempera and gesso on wood. Estimate: $4,000-$5,000. Jasper52 image


An early 20th century icon consists of four parts on the wood board: Intercession of Mother of God, Our Lady of the Sign, St. Nickolas and Our Lady “Sooth My Sorrow.”

Russian icon in four parts: Intercession of Mother of God, Our Lady of the Sign, St. Nickolas, Our Lady ‘Sooth My Sorrow.’ Wood and egg tempera, early 20th century, 18in x 20in. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000. Jasper52 image


The Virgin Iverskaya and Child appear on a signed silver enamel oklad icon made in Moscow, circa 1908-1917.

Virgin Iverskaya icon, silver enamel oklad, maker’s mark ‘GD’ in Cyrillic, Moscow 1908-1917. Estimate: $5,000-$7,000. Jasper52 image


Also included in this week’s Religious Icons auction are bronze and iron crosses depicting the Crucifixion as well as books and printed auction catalogs devoted to Russian religious icons. View the full catalog and bid right here.