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Ancient Jewelry Pieces for the History Buffs

This week’s fine ancient jewelry auction offers a wide range of artifacts, from Bronze Age pins and bracelets to post-Medieval religious pendants. The curated sale also includes a large collection of Viking-era jewelry such as rings, mythological pendants and warriors’ amulets. History buffs and jewelry fanatics will love these spectacular pieces.

Heading the list of more than 125 lots is a bronze Viking pendant that depicts the god Odin on horseback. Obtained from an old British collection, the pendant is expected to sell for $1,000-$1,500.

Rare Viking pendant depicting the god Odin on a horse, circa A.D. 900-1100. Estimate $1,000-$1,500. Jasper52 image


A Viking-era silver ring with a pale blue stone is wearable and in fine condition. It has a $300-$400 estimate.

Viking silver ring with pale blue stone, circa A.D. 900-1100. Estimate: $300-$400. Jasper52 image


The eagle was a powerful symbol of strength and bravery in Viking culture. A bronze Viking era pendant bearing a  double-headed eagle motive is a rare artifact in excellent condition.

Viking era bronze pendant depicting a double headed eagle motif, circa A.D. 900-1100. Estimate: $700-$1,000. Jasper52 image


A bronze Celtic bracelet decorated in a snake motif is from the Hallstatt Culture, 800-500 B.C. It is a rare artifact in excellent condition.

Celtic Bronze Age coiled bracelet with snake terminals, Hallstatt culture, circa A.D. 1500. Estimate: $250-$350. Jasper52 image


A great example of Medieval jewelry is a fancy pair of Renaissance earrings of gold gilded silver and having elaborately decorated hinged central sections with tassels and gems. Obtained from an old Austrian collection, the earrings are estimated at $500-$700.

Pair of Renaissance gold-gilded earrings, circa 1600. Estimate $500-$700. Jasper52 image


Dating to ancient Rome is a pendant depicting Eros, the god of erotic love. The bronze pendant is in excellent condition.

Rare Ancient Roman bronze pendant depicting Eros; integral loop, circa A.D. 100-300. Estimate: $500-$700. Jasper52 image

Take a look at the full collection and find yourself traveling back in time.