6 Handmade Persian Rugs With Serious Detail

Hand-knotted rugs and carpets have been used as floor coverings since the Bronze Age (between 4000 and 3000 B.C.). Through the ages, civilization has developed nothing that can compare to the beauty, warmth and comfort that handmade rugs add to a home. And lucky for you, this week’s rug auction features handmade rugs ranging from antique to modern.

Leading this 116-lot offering is a large Persian Tabriz, circa 1890, with an overall leaf design on a red background. This stunning 9×16 foot antique rug, fresh from an estate, is expected to sell for $10,500-$14,000.

Tabriz rug, rare leaf design, wool, 9 feet x 16 feet, circa 1890. Estimate: $10,500-$14,000. Jasper52 image


An exquisite, but without quite the age, is a fine Persian Isfahan Serafian carpet woven between 1960 and 1990. This intricate masterpiece, which features Kurk wool pile on a silk foundation, would have taken two skilled weavers two or three years to complete. It is in superb condition and measures approximately 7×10 feet.

Isfahan Serafian carpet, Kurk wool pile on a very fine silk foundation, 7 feet x 10 feet, 1960-1990. Estimate: $6,900-$9,200. Jasper52 image


Anyone searching for a long gallery-size rug needn’t look farther than the 19th-century Persian Ferahan rug. This rug, which exhibits a fine classic design in terra-cotta red, measures approximately 8×23 feet.

Ferahan area rug, 19th century, 7 feet 8 inches x 23 feet. Estimate: $7,350-$9,800. Jasper52 image


Rugs from Nain, a desert city in central Iran, are among the finest hand-knotted examples produced in modern times. It would take many months or even several years for a master weaver to complete a single Nain rug, depending on the fineness of knots and size. The knots in Nain rug contain some 250-500 knots or more per square inch. Two such rugs are featured in this collection. These rugs are woven with the Persian symmetrical knot and are constructed of wool and silk mixture pile woven on cotton foundation. Nain neighbors Isfahan, and for this reason the designs follow the famous Isfahan, influenced by Shah Abbas design. They usually include skillfully drawn flowers, foliage and vines.

Most often woven in blue and beige and shades of brown, Nain rugs are seldom found in red. This gorgeous example, approximately 9×13 feet, has a $15,225-$20,300 estimate.

Genuine handmade Nain area rug, made in Iran, 8 feet 9 inches x 12 feet 8 inches. Estimate: $15,225-$20,300. Jasper52 image


A blue Nain rug exhibiting a classic design measures approximately 11×14 feet. These two Nain rugs were not machine-made, and in fact they were hand-knotted in Iran.

Genuine handmade Nain area rug, made in Iran, 10 feet 7 inches x 14 feet. Estimate: $20,355-$27,140. Jasper52 image


Moving on to Europe, this auction also features a fabulous needlepoint rug made in 1920. Featuring a scene of a lady and a shepherd and his flock, the work is estimated at $6,000-$8,000.

European needlepoint rug, 12 feet x 7 feet 6 inches, 1920. Estimate: $6,000-$8,000. Jasper52 image

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