A Treasure Chest of Viking Jewelry

It would not be too surprising if when perusing through this curated catalog of Viking and Medieval jewelry you think you’re raiding a treasure chest from the 9th century. The collection is truly an adventure for the ages, so let’s dig in to our favorite picks.

Rings and pendants once worn by Viking warriors are abound in the auction. Leading the charge is a Viking warrior’s ring having heart bezel decorated with an incised floral design. For Vikings the heart stood for bravery, fortitude, loyalty, integrity – all attributes of a warrior. The warrior’s heart ring defines the very essence of his place in society and the spiritual world. The large ring in the auction carries an estimate of $250-$275.

Viking warrior’s heart ring, circa 900-1050, heart bezel with incised floral design, size 10 1/2. Estimate: $250-$275. Jasper52 image


Also popular in Viking culture was the coil ring with nearly three full coils with tapering terminals. This large example dates to A.D. 850-1050.

Viking coil ring, circa 850-1050, size 12. Estimate $250-$280. Jasper52 image


Another classic form in the sale is an ancient Viking lunar pendant, circa A.D. 850-950. Exhibiting fine patina, the crescent-shape pendant is topped with spheres representing celestial bodies. As expert navigators, the constellations signified mystery and power to Vikings. The moon was personified as Mani, brother to Sol, the Sun, and is abundantly represented in Norse literature. Lunar pendants were won as pectorals as well as suspended from belts, other clothing and horse harnesses.

Ancient Viking lunar pendant, circa 850-950, nearly 1 in. wide. Estimate: $100-$200. Jasper52 image


Dolphins were both feared and revered by Romans, and are highly visible in Roman mythology. A gilt bronze dolphin pendant dating to the second century is expected to sell for more than $600.

Roman dolphin pendant, second century, gilt bronze, 2 1/8 in length. Estimate: $600-$675. Jasper52 image


A silver bronze Jerusalem Cross pendant worn by a Crusader nearly 1,000 years ago is another star lot in the auction. The nearly 1-inch round pendant depicts five crosses in one, representing the five wounds of Christ. The form is said to have originated with Godfrey of Bouillon, a Frankish knight of the First Crusade.

Crusader’s cross pendant, silvered bronze, 11th-13th centuries, just under an inch in diameter. Estimate: $310-$350. Jasper52 image


Another fine medieval French pendant is a stunner. Flanked by foliage, the pendant is formed with a connecting central band detailed with a fine circle motif.

Medieval French pendant, 13th-15th centuries, gilt bronze, 1 1/8 in. diameter. Estimate: $210-$240. Jasper52 image