Glimpse American lives in May 19 collectible photography auction

Today, we seem to know everything about everything when it comes to photography. Camera functions automatically date-stamp images as we take them. If we post photos online, we tag the people shown in the photo, and they often respond, confirming their identities. But printed, paper photos from the decades before digital aren’t so forthcoming. Unless someone bothered to write useful information on the back of the photo, what we see is mostly a mystery. We can guess at what’s going on, and come up with our own theories, but we can never know for sure.

On May 19, starting at noon Eastern time, Jasper52 will offer 102 lots of collectible photographs. Some of the images are well-documented, but others are less so. All are intriguing and worth a look.

Photo of a Cherokee woman displaying pottery and beadwork, for a 1951 photo album: The Cherokee Indian Reservation. Estimate $250-$350

View the auction here.

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