Jasper52 to host Ancient Arts Auction, Feb. 16

On Wednesday, February 16, starting at 8 pm Eastern time, Jasper52 will hold an Ancient Arts Auction – 84 lots of treasures from the impossibly distant past. Among the items on offer will be an ancient Greek terracotta pair of winged horses; a painted wood Egyptian sarcophagus lid from the Late Period, dating to circa 664-323 BCE; a circa-300 Roman glass jar with blue decoration; an Egyptian limestone canoptic jar with a baboon-headed lid; a circa-480 BCE Attic pottery red-figure kylix; a Mesopotamian limestone male head; an ancient Egyptian granite figure of the god Horus-Sobek; a circa-3rd century BCE Greek embossed silver finial for a ceremonial chair; the head of a female mummy from Egypt’s New Kingdom, XVIII Dynasty, dating to circa-1550-1069 BCE; a Roman marble head of Aphrodite; a gold Phoenician scarab ring; an Etruscan terracotta star dish; and a Greek Xenon-ware mug, to name just a few.

Pair of Greek terracotta winged horses, est. $24,000-$29,000

View the auction here.

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