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Jasper52 to host no-reserve Royal Doulton auction, Dec. 22

Lovers of Royal Doulton pottery have the opportunity to add to their collections when Jasper52 will conduct a huge no-reserve auction of the popular English pottery on Sunday, Dec. 22. This sale features figurines from one of the most universally recognized and beloved figurine makers. Several of the figurines offered are discontinued or retired models.

Royal Doulton Jan Van Riebeeck Loving Cup, introduced 1935. Estimate: $600-$700. Jasper52 image

View the auction here.

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Porcelain Figurines Auction Featuring Doulton, Hummel & More

The drinking vessel called the toby jug dates to the 18th century when potteries in England produced them for export to the American Colonies. They are named for the character Toby Philpots in the song The Little Brown Jug. Production of these jugs, which typically depict a man holding a jug of beer and a glass, has continued to this day. A few of these delightful jugs, along with other Royal Doulton products, will be sold in an upcoming Jasper52 auction of ceramic collectibles on Sunday, Sept. 18. Highlights from this auction are featured below:


Royal Doulton Toby mug, ‘Happy John’. Estimate: $60-$70. Burlington ‘Made in England’ toby mug. Estimate: $30-$40. Jasper52 images

Not all toby jugs are by Royal Doulton. Some were produced by other British potteries such as Burlington, which is well-known for Cottage Ware – ceramic teapots molded in the shape of English cottages (featured above).

Also listed in the auction are more than a dozen Hummel figurines (below), which were created through the artistry of Berta Hummel, a Franciscan nun called Sister M. Innocentia, by Goebel Art Inc. in Germany beginning in the mid-1930s.


Hummel figurine, ‘Girl Washing Clothes,’ 6 inches tall, 1957. Estimate: $80-$100. Jasper52 image

Hummel figurine, ‘Girl Washing Clothes,’ 1957. Estimate: $80-$100. Jasper52 image

Also featured in the auction are Royal Doulton miniature character jugs, tiny versions of the company’s full-size character jugs. Two of the mini jugs in the auction depict Shakespeare’s Falstaff and Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab (below).


Doulton & Co., Falstaff mini Royal Doulton mug. Estimate: $60-$80.; Royal Doulton, Captain Ahab mini Toby Mug. Estimate: $40-$60. Jasper52 images

Don’t miss out on this auction. View the curated porcelain figurine catalog right here.