Well curated selection of tribal art featured in March 15 sale

On Tuesday, March 15, starting at 2 pm Eastern time, Jasper52 will conduct a sale of Unique Tribal Art. It will feature a thoughtfully curated 167-lot selection of hand-crafted wooden masks and figures from tribes located around the world. Offerings include a large Hemba ancestor figure; a Dan mask, created by a community in what is now the Ivory Coast; a Bembe initiation mask; a Luba caryatid stool; a Boa Pongdudu warrior mask; a large Basikasingo ancestor figure; a Songye Kifwebe mask; a large Metoko figure; a large Ngbaka anthropomorphic face mask decorated with scarification markings; a classical Luba female cult figure statue; a Lwalu mask with its face completely covered with copper; a large Azande mask; a Shi plank mask, representing the primordial ancestor; a fearsome Salampasu warrior mask with a bulging forehead and two rows of pointy teeth; a Goma initiation mask; a Lilwa society mask; and a Zimba fetish figure.

Boa Pongdudu warrior mask, est. $1,500-$2,000

View the auction here.

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