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July 7 auction explores innovative Japanese woodblock prints

Japanese woodblock prints have a long and storied history that is rightly tangled up in the genre of Japanese art known as ukiyo-e, which flourished between the 17th and 19th centuries. The powerful allure of the best examples still casts a spell, just like they did on the Impressionists, the post-Impressionists, and generations of artists […]

Rally ‘Round These American Flags

Many national flags are older than the flag of the United States, but no national flag has changed as often. From 1777, with the adoption of the 13-star design, to 1960, when it assumed the current 50-star pattern, the American Flag has officially changed no fewer than 27 times during the past 245 years. The […]

Jasper52 sale revels in the glories of Japanese woodblock prints

The Japanese began printing with wooden blocks sometime in the eighth century, but only in 1765 did they come up with a process that permitted printing in full color. That innovation, credited to Suzuki Harunobu, allowed for a golden age of ukiyo-e, the Japanese term for woodblock prints. The images caused a sensation all over […]

New York auction showcases crystals, minerals and specimens

Who hasn’t looked at a curve of earth and thought, “I wonder what’s under there?” We’ll never know the names of the humans countless centuries ago who first plunged crude tools, and probably their fingers, into the soil over and over and over again, just to see what might lurk beneath. Some of those ancient […]

Incunabula: Books from the birth of the printed word

Incunabula, a Latin word that means “in the cradle,” describes books created during the infancy of European printing, an era that spans the years 1455 to 1501. These early books evolved from East Asian and Middle Eastern textile block prints as alternatives to costly hand-copied, scrolled manuscripts. Though this printing technique reached Europe in the […]

June 23 offering of African tribal art sparks wonder and joy

Humans make art, and making art makes us human. Nothing brings this fact into sharp relief quite like looking at tribal art and artifacts. Hundreds of groups, communities, and bands of people–some still with us, some long vanished–used, and continue to use, whatever materials are available to them to express themselves, tell their stories, and […]

Robert Indiana’s legacy of LOVE

Those who may not know the name Robert Indiana will still recognize his most famous and iconic creation: his LOVE print, with the word “love” in upper-case letters, arranged in a square with a tilted letter “O”. It first appeared in a series of poems originally written in 1958, but gained momentum when it was […]

Intriguing creamware American ship jug to set sail on June 17

You can rely on the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association. The 200-strong membership represents hundreds of years of experience with handling antiques, particularly Americana, and you know they obtain access to the best material. On June 17, starting at 6 pm Eastern time, Jasper52 will host New Hampshire Antiques Dealers: Americana, a 335-lot sale of […]


Vases were important to Rene Lalique. From the French artisan-entrepreneur’s earliest attempts at the form, which date to the late 19th century, until his passing in 1945, he created 200 vase designs – a staggeringly large number. Whether the volume of Lalique vase designs reflected a genuine enthusiasm for the decorative flower-holders isn’t clear, but […]