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Mandalas transcend form to become art

NEW YORK – In Himalayan and Indian art, the mandala is an important tool for meditation and visualization. In brief, a mandala is essentially a circular construct to diagrammatically represent the universe and typically features a deity or deities. They are highly precise and technical and come in many forms from painted ones to architectural […]

AAAWT’s First! auction to debut online Sept. 2

Over the past 38 years, Antique Associates at W. Townsend Inc., 473 Main St., West Townsend, Mass., has developed into one of America’s leading brokers of high-quality antiques, art and antique arms, serving as a premier supply source for major museums, advanced collectors, exemplary dealers and collectors at all levels. On Wednesday, Sept. 2, Jasper52 […]

Damascus steel knives comprise Jasper52 auction Aug. 26

A Jasper52 online auction that will be conducted on Wednesday, Aug. 26, consists of more than 40 fine knives made of Damascus steel and various materials that complement the high-quality metal. These knives make fantastic gifts and brilliant showcase pieces. View the auction here. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Inkwells: vintage reservoirs of the written word

NEW YORK – “Ink was black, in inkwells and bottles, in the past. It would get all over your fingers because it would run and flow relentlessly,” wrote Alain Badiou in Black: The Brilliance of a Non-Color. Not if you were an Egyptian scribe. These highly trained court members, penning bills and magic spells with […]

British recording artists star in online book auction Aug. 18

Fans of British pop music will be tuning into a Jasper52 rare book auction that will be held Tuesday, Aug. 18. Books relating to David Sylvian and the new wave band Japan, and singers-songwriters Kate Bush and Marc Almond are featured. View the auction here. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Jasper52 unveils exquisite relics from ancient cultures Aug. 18

Jasper 52 will offer a collection of antiquities and ancient art from around the Mediterranean in an online auction on Tuesday, Aug. 18, starting at 2 p.m. The selection is composed of sculptures, amulets, figures, idols and jewelry reflecting the art and cultures of the ancient world. All 55 lots have been thoroughly checked and […]

Remembering the suffragettes

NEW YORK – The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex – 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing women the right to vote, Aug. 26, 1920. “All men are created equal,” says the Declaration […]

Jasper52 presents classic comic book auction Aug. 9

Superheroes and arch-villains abound in a no-holds-barred comic book auction that will be conducted on Sunday, Aug. 9, by Jasper52. This no-reserve online auction of 273 vintage comic books features several #1 issues and a few first appearances by notable characters. View the auction here. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.