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Bansky stars in Jasper52 street art auction Dec. 18

Street art in the form of Banksy spray paintings and prints will be offered in a Jasper52 online auction on Tuesday, Dec. 18. Three road signs from a UK collection having spray-painted images attributed to the anonymous British street artist are offered in the auction. View the auction. Learn more about the auction on Auction […]

Festive colors, top designers set off fine jewelry auction Dec. 18

All the dazzling colors of the holiday season can be found in an outstanding jewelry auction presented through Jasper52 on Tuesday, Dec. 18. Choices range from an elegant Van Cleef & Arpels pearl and diamond brooch to a colorful Cartier chrysoprase, coral and diamond ring. View the auction. Learn more about the auction on Auction […]

Satsuma: how the West was won over

NEW YORK – Satsuma earthenware dates to the 1590s, when master Korean potters established kilns in Kyushu, in southern Japan. Initially, they crafted small, simple water jars, incense boxes, and tea ceremony components from dark clay. After the discovery of local cream-colored clay, however, these pieces featured floral or geometric designs with soft yellow glazing. […]

David Webb’s Bejeweled Menagerie

NEW YORK – In the glittering world of designer jewelry, David Webb has been a dominant name for decades – seven, to be exact. The company celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2018. While Webb may have been best known for the enameled animal bangles he introduced in the 1960s, the animal kingdom’s influence on the […]

Medieval jewelry auction Dec. 12 contains Viking artifacts

Medieval jewelry, including Viking items, comprise a Jasper52 online auction to be conducted Wednesday, Dec. 12. These striking pieces date back to the 8th-15th centuries when the Vikings roamed both sea and land. Warriors’ rings, sorcerers’ amulets and pendants hold symbolic meaning in their shapes, often embodying the great strength of Vikings who bore them. […]

Fine French antiques the toast of Jasper52 auction Dec. 12

Function and timeless beauty converge in a Jasper52 online auction of fine French antiques on Wednesday, Dec. 12. Gilt mirrors, pairs of table lamps, figural clocks and more are sure to add a classic European touch to any home. View the auction. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Why Andy Warhol was made for social media

PITTSBURGH (AP) – Before there even was a popular definition of social media, Andy Warhol was the human embodiment of it. The man practically created the concept of bringing together people through pop culture and art – all he lacked was a modern delivery system. Today, seeing as everyone from Barbie to your poodle has […]

Fine workmanship found in Japanese sword fittings sale Dec. 5

The unsurpassed workmanship of Japanese artisans is showcased in a Jasper52 online auction of antique Japanese sword fittings, including tsuba, kozuka and kashira. Pulled from a private collection, 70 exquisite lots will be sold Wednesday, Dec. 5. View the auction. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Versatile lapis lazuli prized for its shades of heavenly blue

Lapis lazuli, a gem-like stone prized since prehistoric times, is featured extensively in ornaments and jewelry. The finest “lapis,” mined in the remote mountains of present-day Afghanistan, is intensely blue, evoking the sea and sky. Yet due to varying mineral content, blue lapis actually ranges from light blue and bluish-green to deep indigo. In addition, […]