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Charm of chatelaines keep hanging on

NEW YORK – Through the 17th century, women often carried small, useful items, like pencils or ha’pennies, in tie-on cloth pouches beneath their ample petticoats. Those responsible for running great houses, however, wore handy waist-clipped chatelaines, named for mistresses of medieval French manors, above their overskirts. Since their dangled keys accessed locked pantries, bureaus, chests, […]

Not all autographs are created equal

NEW YORK – Nothing is more personal than a handwritten autograph. There are literally no two alike, even from the same person. It’s why so many ask for one from a VIP they admire from afar. Having an autograph is a personal connection that will forever have its own story to tell. The earliest known […]

Jean Puiforcat: French silversmith-sculptor extraordinaire

NEW YORK – Jean Puiforcat (1897-1945), the French silversmith, sculptor and designer with the quirky, adorable last name (it’s pronounced “pwee-for-KAH”), was once described by Miller’s Antiques Encyclopedia as “the most important French Art Deco silversmith.” His name, in fact, has become synonymous with Art Deco glamor. Even in his day, Puiforcat was renowned for […]

Sterling silver tea sets highlight Jasper52 auction July 22

A Jasper52 online auction of Exquisite Decorative Arts on July 22 will enhance homes and gardens with a diverse array of antique and contemporary objects. Exquisite vases, impressive dinnerware and lovely sculptures are among the unique treasures in this sale. View the auction here. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Anna Pottery snake jugs: whimsy meets satire

NEW YORK – When it came to making stoneware, the Kirkpatrick brothers did not shy away from mixing politics with their art. Cornwall and Wallace Kirkpatrick, who founded and ran Anna Pottery, in Anna, Illinois, 1859-1896, reportedly likened politicians to a “den of vipers” and often espoused their political beliefs on the snake jugs they […]

Sterling silver, turquoise star in Southwest jewelry auction

A Jasper52 auction that will be conducted on Wednesday, July 15, showcases the beauty, versatility and history of fine Southwestern and Native American jewelry. Sterling silver and turquoise stand out in this 102-lot auction, from concho belts to squash blossom necklaces. View the auction here. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.