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Treasures for the dead: Tang dynasty terra cotta figures

The Tang dynasty (618-907), considered a Chinese golden age, was famed for its flourishing trade, cosmopolitan culture, and artistic achievements. Terra cotta production, in particular, thrived. In addition to inventing underglaze decorative techniques, perfecting monochrome glazes, and creating utilitarian wares, Tang potters created scores of hollow, molded sculptures, intended solely for burial in noble and […]

Georg Jensen dominates Jasper52 May 30 silver auction

Few names loom as large in the realm of silver as Danish designer and entrepreneur Georg Jensen. He was innovative in both silversmithing and marketing, and possessed reserves of generosity–a rare resource among high achievers–that freed him to invite other artists and artisans to create pieces and lines for him under their own names. Those […]

Jasper52 offers Americana, Folk Art and Outsider Art, June 3

Once again, trusted expert Clifford Wallach has curated an Americana, Folk Art, and Outsider Art auction for Jasper52, which means its contents will be a richly panoramic representation of rural American life from decades if not centuries ago. Starting at 6 pm Eastern time on June 3, it contains more than 550 lots of paintings, […]

Montblanc pens have the write stuff

Why would anyone spend $250, or $500, or $1,000, or more on a fountain pen when a plain but efficient BiC will do the job for a small fraction of the price? The answer, of course, is that pricey pens are more than mere tools. Those who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on […]

Bulgari and Cartier shine in May 26 designer jewelry sale

Don’t ask if you deserve it. Of course you do. You are worthy and yes, you can and should have nice things. On May 26, starting at 9 pm Eastern time, Jasper52 will present 362 ways to reward yourself through its Designer Jewelry & Watches sale, featuring pieces from storied brand names such as Piaget, […]

Collectible Meerschaum pipes lined up for May 25 auction

Meerschaum — geologically known as sepiolote — comes from a German word meaning “sea foam.” Pipes made from sepiolite are said to be ideal for smoking tobacco, because the mineral serves as a natural filter to absorb nicotine, but it never burns. On May 25 at noon, Jasper52 will offer an 84-lot collection of collectible […]


Ginger jars – Chinese high-shouldered, ovoid, lidded, utilitarian porcelain vessels – were long used to store and transport oil, wine, salt, and spices. Decorative ones, however, date from the Ming Dynasty era (1368–1644). Created in mineral-rich Jingdezhen-area kilns, such jars were produced for domestic use, bestowed at festive ceremonies, or destined for the Chinese Imperial […]

Glimpse American lives in May 19 collectible photography auction

Today, we seem to know everything about everything when it comes to photography. Camera functions automatically date-stamp images as we take them. If we post photos online, we tag the people shown in the photo, and they often respond, confirming their identities. But printed, paper photos from the decades before digital aren’t so forthcoming. Unless […]

Art Deco ice cream sign a cool addition to May 20 NHADA auction

Once again, the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association (NHADA) has offered a strong selection of items, and once again, Clifford Wallach, an expert in tramp art, folk art, and Americana has selected the best for Jasper52. A total of 344 lots comprise the May 20 auction, which commences at 6 pm Eastern time. View the […]

Malachite treasures will turn you green with envy

Malachite, memorable for its rich green color and silky, swirled patterns, is actually weathered copper ore. Ancient Egyptians, who sourced this mineral in the Timna Valley in what is now southern Israel, believed that it held magical, protective powers. They carried malachite seals and amulets, and to guard against ocular diseases commonly found along the […]