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Sterling silver, turquoise star in Southwest jewelry auction

A Jasper52 auction that will be conducted on Wednesday, July 15, showcases the beauty, versatility and history of fine Southwestern and Native American jewelry. Sterling silver and turquoise stand out in this 102-lot auction, from concho belts to squash blossom necklaces. View the auction here. Learn more about the auction on Auction Central News.

Pioneering photography offered in Jasper52 auction July 15

Images from the early years of commercial photography are the focus of an online auction that will be conducted by Jasper52 on Wednesday, July 15. Thirty-two of the 51 lots are daguerreotypes, the first successful form of photography, named for Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre of France, who invented the technique in collaboration with Nicéphore Niépce in the […]

Collectors are flush with cash for commodes

NEW YORK – If you ask most Americans to define commode, they’ll tell you it’s a flush toilet. Period. But to those familiar with antique furniture, the word commode has an entirely different meaning – several meanings in fact. First, a bit of etymology: commode comes from the French word for “convenient” or “suitable” and […]

Defining the silver lining: 6 collectible types

NEW YORK – Silver is both a precious and a noble metal meaning that it is relatively rare, impervious to corrosion and is quite decorative to a mirror shine. So, just what collectible form does silver take anyway? When polished, silver has a very high gloss and lends itself well for use as both a […]

G.I. Joe sired generations of action figures

NEW YORK – The legacy of action figures today owes much to the G.I. Joe figures that Hasbro first released in 1964. These vintage toys had it all, from the original series of 12-inch-tall figures to the now-standard 3¾-inch tall figures Most were articulated and they came with weapons, foot lockers, myriad accessories and vehicles, […]

Kyser & Rex produced mechanical banks fit for a king

NEW YORK – Considering it was only in existence for 20 years – from 1879 to 1899 – the Kyser & Rex Co. left behind a treasure trove of mechanical and still toy banks that collectors clamored for during their years of production and still clamor for today. Kyser & Rex mechanical banks have fetched […]

Jasper52 online auction June 19 features ancient treasures

Antiquities and ancient art from the Mediterranean, namely Egypt, the Near East and Europe, comprise a Jasper52 online auction that will be conducted on Friday, June 19, at noon Eastern time. The selections consist of sculptures, amulets, figures, idols and jewelry reflecting the art and cultures of the ancient world. View the auction here. Learn […]

Lives of saints illustrated in online auction June 16

Arising from Eastern Orthodoxy are icons that carry rich histories and intricate religious symbolism. Depicting gospel scenes and the lives of saints, these ornate paintings remain faithful to the stories of Christ, the Virgin Mary and countless more. Jasper52 will conduct an online auction of nearly 200 painted icons as well as dozens of crucifixes […]